Indicator Holder (Z Axis)

Next improvement for my mill: Indicator Holder for the Z Axis. Of course full DRO would be better but thats also a huge thing to mount and takes up a lot of space. Also kind of expensive. So lets try to make something simple. Many people already have an indicator and this project presens a simple way to mount it on the Z Axis of Mills with dovetails.

FreeCAD Process

What is needed is the angles and dimensions of the dovetail, and the diameter for the shaft of the indicator. This model is parameterized, you can just change the parameters and re-generate. I just chose 60 degrees because thats the only angle of dovetail cutters that i had around.


Clamping Screw


Mistakes made

I accidentally put the dovetail off center by about 2 millimeters. Could have been prevented by measuring more and not getting impatient.