I like to do machining projects in my free time.

Lathe Toolpost Handle Extension/Lever - 2022

The Toolpost Handle on my Lathe, which is used to clamp the Toolpost at the correct Angle or just switch to a different Tool by rotating it a 1/4 turn, is a little short.
So it is hard to use it and the Hand can slip and you get a bruise.
Thankfully there is a simple Solution
We machine a Handle Extension from Aluminum.
The hole should have been 10.8 mm,
I used an 11 mm Drill, it came out 11.1 mm.
But with some duct tape we can create a tight fit.
While this is a quick fix, we can also create an even better solution in the future, by machining a new handle from scratch, which would probably also look better.
Before you lecture me, i don't have a reamer of the correct size or a boring bar for such small holes. So i don't see a way for how i should have brought the hole to size.

Dremel Tool Holder for the Lathe - 2022

I had this Proxxon IBS/E Dremel Tool laying around, and was wondering how to use it on the Lathe.

It was easy to make a Toolholder using the Lathe and Drill Press.
The Bore is about 19.8 mm. The Part going in the Toolholder is around 8mm thick, the regular size for this Lathe.
The important part is that the center of the bore should be on the line created by the top of the toolholder.
This is so that the axis of the Dremel is on the same height as the axis of the Lathe.

Grinding Wheel Arbor - 2022

I picked up a cheap Grinding Wheel at the Store, but it lacked an Arbor. I tried using a bolt, but it would not run true because no bolt had the exact diameter.
So I made this Arbor on the Lathe.

Microcontroller inspired Necklace - 2021

This too was a gift to someone.
This Amulet provides good fortune to embedded programmers.
Made from Aluminum on the Drill Press. The pins were soldered to the holes in the part.

Scaled down Kunai Replica - 2020

I made a scaled down replica of a japanese Kunai from Steel using the drill press and angle grinder.
Why scaled down? I did not have a bigger steel flat bar.
It was made as a present for someone.