What annoys me about the current Programming ecosystem

Programmers embracing worse technology (Python, NodeJS, PHP)

You probably know one or two of them.
They talk about Javascript and how it's so great and about Python and so on.
But these are not serious Programming Languages to do Projects in.
They are Scripting Languages for writing really small stuff that's eventually going to be deleted.
Professional Programmers should be using professional Programming Languages.
Good, professional, modern languages should:

Javascript is just neccessary sometimes because it's an easy way to get some small stuff going in the Browser.
But it should only be used for that.

Reflection in Java, Overuse of Annotations, Kotlin

Who needs it? I never used it knowingly actually.
How many Programmers do you know that can actually use Threads?
How many that have actually read kernel source code?
In my Opinion, Java is getting worse with so many people just creating Annotations left and right.
Using Annotations and Reflection is just a really inflexible way to program.
Just look at Spring Boot. The most ugly outgrowth of the Java Enterprise Ecosystem.
Filled to the brim with unneccessary Annotations, slow as can be, and actually understood by very few people.

The Spring Framework : When Frameworks get Diabetes

I don't know what they had in mind with the Spring Framework.
Maybe they just wanted to take the life energy from innocent Programmers.

With many of the most common things you can do in Backend Development,
the Spring Framework takes them, and makes them harder to use.
Like using xml to configure Software Components.
The whole Software just becomes so much harder to maintain,
because Spring Boot is so opinionated.
Everything has to be done in some particular way.
And did they tell you? They have a special feature for almost EVERYTHING.
They are literally trying to swallow the whole of backend dev and put it into their Framework.
Let me tell you something... that never works.
No Framework can do everything for you.

Spring / Spring Boot isn't gonna save you.
It cannot replace actual Programming Skill and Knowledge about various libraries.


I actually wrote a seperate Blog Post about why Docker is bad.