(Product Recommendations for Programmers)

created 21.5.2021

Desk Setup

Bekant Desk
AmazonBasics Monitor Mount
Eyocean LED Desk Lamp


Uni-Ball SigNo 207 Ballpoint Pen (permanent)
Pilot Frixion Pen (erasable)
Brunnen A5 blanko Notizblock 50 Blatt


Zotac C Series (passively cooled Mini PC)
Tuxedo Computers(did not buy from them (yet?) but they have great offers)

Great Keyboards and related

Be autistic about that clicky
Vortex POK3R White Case Keyboard (currently my favorite Keyboard)
Ortholinear Keyboards
Learn the Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Get Organized with WeekView

WeekView A5 Planner(2022) (for private and professional)
WeekView WeekPad A4