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Inspirations for your Setup

(created 21.5.2021)

Desk Setup

Proper Monitor Mounts to adjust the Monitor to the correct height. I always cringe when people just use that Stand which comes with the Monitor. It also makes it easy to rotate and move it around.
AmazonBasics Monitor Mount
Eyocean LED Desk Lamp


Uni-Ball SigNo 207 Ballpoint Pen (permanent)
Pilot Frixion Pen (erasable)
Brunnen A5 blanko Notizblock 50 Blatt


Zotac has some great Mini PCs which are passively cooled. So there is no noise from the Fans and you can run it 24/7
Zotac C Series (passively cooled Mini PC)

Great Keyboards

I'm currently using the OLKB Preonic Ortholinear Keyboard with a Dvorak Layout.
Dvorak Layout helps to move the fingers less.
Ortholinear / Columnar Layout just makes sense because if our hands are symmetrical, the layout of the keys should also be symmetrical.

Ortholinear Keyboards
Learn the Dvorak Keyboard Layout