Some of my favorite Books

This List intentionally only includes Titles in English, as it is the most widespread Language.

If you are anything like me, you enjoy reading. Especially nonfiction titles.
Today i want to share a small selection of the books that have been most influential to me, along with a small review of what to expect.

Zero to One (by Peter Thiel)

This book talks about how to build new technology and turn a profit doing it. It helps you avoid unhealthy Competition and embrace original / out of the box Thinking.

The Lean Startup (by Eric Ries)

The Lean Startup Method is a Way of building Startups that embraces validated Learning and Product / Customer Development. Instead of having a rigid Vision about the Product / Service you want to build, you remain open to change almost everything about it. If something does not work, try something else.

The Mind Illuminated (by John Yates)

If you are searching for Peace and Insight in your Life, then this Book is for you! It teaches Buddhist-style Meditation and much more. This is one of those Books which you can read again and again.

Test-Driven Development By Example (by Kent Beck)

If you are anything like me, you like Programming. Sadly we as people tend to make Mistakes(Bugs).
In any professional Endeavour , Professionals check and double-check their work to achieve the best Results, consistently. Only if the Foundation is good, we can build on top of it. Tests (along with static typing and other stuff) are the Method by which we Programmers can ensure the Quality of our Work. Don't live in Fear. Test your Code.

Clean Code (by Robert C. Martin)

Clean Code is a timeless Piece about (mostly) immeasurable Qualities of Software. It's a must read for every Programmer. Nothing more to say about it.

The Clean Coder (by Robert C. Martin)

This Book talks about the human side of Software Development. If you think Programming just has to do with Computers, you are mistaken! If you want to spend all day doing what you love (programming) and also like to get paid for it, learning to effectively and efficiently deal with Humans in the Context of Software is a good Idea.