Don't waste your Time with Scripting Languages

Programming Languages, Formal Languages, Domain Specific Languages and Languages in General can be classified in many ways. One of which is the distinction between

Of course, a language can be in more than one of these categories. When reading the recommendations below, consider that for each category of application, there are way more suitable Programming Languages than listed.

Languages for Application Development

When creating a program, one should consider which language to choose. For most cases that would be C++.
When creating a desktop application with a GUI, or a backend for a web application, an application development language like Java or C# (Opensource Mono) or C++ would be a good choice.

Languages for (embedded) system development

When creating a (maybe embedded) system, an operating system, or any application where performance is important, C or C++ or Rust would be appropriate.

Programming Languages which are almost always appropriate

C++. Because it can perform all tasks, low-level and high-level, runs inside the browser through WebAssembly, and has a long track record of reliable, secure and fast Applications.

Programming Languages which are always inappropriate

These scripting languages are dynamically typed and lack structure. They are inefficient and error-prone to work with. On top of that, they are interpreted and slow.

But XYZ uses a scripting language!

Well either they are inexperienced, their project is small, or they don't mind their program being slow.

But Scripting Language XYZ is in demand and has a lot of Job Opportunities!

McDonalds also has a lot of job openings. Do you want to work at McDonalds? I don't think so. Low pay, bad working conditions, low-quality Products, bad team culture,...
Same story for all scripting jobs.

Use Webassembly instead of Javascript

Comparison of WebAssembly and Javascript